It’s as old as the internet itself, email, this fantastic system of sending a message to others through the system as opposed to handwriting the message and sending it through the postal system.

As a software developer you will very often use a person’s email address as an identidy mechanism. Used as part of a sign-up set of credentials required to create an account. You will / have done this a lot and the one thing that can waste a lot of time is email validation.

When a user fills in the email field you provided, you (should) provide the…

If you are an iOS / MacOS developer who makes use of the snippets facility in Xcode you may occasionally find yourself caught out when working on a different Mac. This used to happen to me a lot in my contracting days. I have 10 years worth of snippets with auto completion keystrokes but on a Mac that doesn’t belong to me they are worth nothing.

There is a really simple solution that makes use of Apple’s cloud infrastructure which allows the sharing of Xcode snippets between as many machines as you like.

Here’s how it’s done.

We will use…

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